Name:  Marius Cristian Ciupitu

Birth:  16th August

Favorite animal: dogs

In his Childhood, Chupi used to turn all the objects around him in different instruments.  It was no surprise when later on he started to play drums.

At the begging he studied the violin at Dinu Lipatti High School in Bucharest, but then he realized that he wants to become a drummer. And he did!

In 2002 he was one of the founders of Mandinga. He is never afraid to try new instruments and he’s always eager to learn more and more abound them. At the Eurovision contest he played the accordion and he even learned to play some traditional Azeri instruments, while they were invited in a TV show. He also has a very good voice and often sings during Mandinga’s concerts.

When he’s not on the stage, Chupi loves to take photos, that’s why he is the photographer of the band.

Chupi is the Ambassador for Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals in Romania.